Executive Coaching & Mentoring

We believe organisations need comprehensive expertise to ensure that their human capital strategies are able to meet business requirements and objectives, along with engaging the workforce to perform at their optimum. This can only be achieved with the help of a HR Business Partner who can truly understand the internal and external dynamics affecting the organisation and deliver tailor-made solutions based on best practices. From simple advice all the way to full execution, we are specialises in providing HR Consulting services to Middle East organisation’s. To support the organisation’s human capital strategy and a high-performance culture, we provide services in the following areas:

Face-to-Face Coaching

As the demands, pressures and expectations increase on Senior Leaders in all industries and sectors, there is a growing requirement for these Leaders to find an effective and sustainable solution for achieving high performance at the pace required.

These Face-to-Face Executive Coaching Sessions are focused on the strategic imperatives of the business and the specific areas of individual development that will drive performance and profits.

All our Face-to-Face coaching sessions are specifically designed to accelerate the success of you and your business. We combine our operational experience at Senior Director Level with a deep knowledge of the craft of coaching in service of you – the client.

Face-to-Face coaching will enable you to send transformational ripples throughout your organization in ways that positively impact the performance of the entire business.

Group Coaching & Mentoring

Round 1

  • Contracting: Agreeing on rules of engagement, scheduling confidentiality limits environmental support
  • Strategic Development Needs: Discussion based on the outcome of the assessment and individual goal setting

Round 2

  • Coaching Engagement: During the session, the participants is both challenged and supported by the coach to work on their individual development goals. A support network in the workplace is identified in order to engage stakeholders in the ongoing development process.

Round 3

  • Coaching Engagement: During the session, the participant is both challenged and supported by the coach to work on their individual development goals.

Round 4

  • Final Session: Participant and coach work on action planning and commitment to taking the learning forward.

Business Analysis Coaching

  • Coaching a Center of Excellence (COE) as you formalize your business analysis practices, including governance structures.
  • Coaching your teams on preparing for elicitation activities
  • Observing and/or facilitating your requirements workshops, as well as coaching on interviews, observation, and other elicitation and prioritization techniques
  • Soft skills coaching (influencing skills, conflict management, virtual teams, critical thinking, active listening, body language, etc.)

Applied Learning

At Global Intelligence Association Learning, we believe that people learn best by actively putting knowledge into practice. In addition to our regular public courses, we also offer applied learning options for our clients, including Outcome-Based Consultative Training and coaching and mentoring services. With applied learning, an expert Global Intelligence Association Learning instructor will come onsite and tailor our course content to meet your unique needs. We also arrange for coaching and mentoring, so that an expert can provide your team with onsite guidance on an actual project.

Do you find yourself or your team too busy for training, yet need new project skills? ✔

Need to combine learning with getting projects done? ✔

Does your organization prefer an uber-practical approach to learning? ✔

We have you covered! Our Outcome-Based Consultative Learning has been at the core of our Learning approach.   Outcome-Based Learning focuses on the benefits you can expect, in any of our courses can be structured as applied learning platforms to achieve outcomes such as below examples.

Applied Learning

  • Complete a project charter or plan
  • Conduct sprint or release planning
  • Devise a business case template
  • Create a business analysis plan
  • Create user stories and story maps
  • Create a use case diagram and
  • Create use-case narratives
  • Devise acceptance criteria for product features
  • Estimate a project
  • Create a risk management plan for a project
  • Create a business process map for a complex process
  • Role-play conversations with “difficult” customers
  • Document requirements for a project the right way
  • Conduct a retrospective that provides meaningful improvements

Agile & Scrum Coaching

  • Coaching a team or teams new to Agile as you prepare to undertake your Agile journey
  • Observing and/or facilitating your team’s Agile ceremonies:
    • Sprint zero activities (visioning, ground rules, creating the backlog)
    • Release planning
    • Sprint planning
    • Product demos
    • Retrospectives
    • Daily standups
  • Facilitating your user story and other Agile artifacts (backlogs, burndowns, etc.)
    • Coaching on Agile development
    • Reviewing and commenting
  • Agile leadership mentoring: mentoring managers and other leaders in how to lead self-organizing teams.

Leadership Development

Develop Key Competencies To Shape Your Leadership Style.

The All-Around UndisputedDevelopment Tool for Senior Executives

Our personal development journey empowers individuals and leaders in the organization by fostering better decision-making, increase of morale, and improving productivity.

The coaching method is a collaborative approach that pushes for problem-solving from within the individual.